How To Make Time For Your Side Business When You Have a Full-Time Job


As of 2017 44 million people were working on a side business outside of their regular job. This means there is a pretty good chance you are one of them or at least want to be one of them. According to a recent study from Bankrate, the people most likely to have side hustles are millennials AKA those in their late teens to early 30s. So how do you find time in your already super busy schedule to devote to your side hustle so you can eventually make it your main hustle? Here are some tips:

1. Figure out when you are most productive

At what time of day are you most productive? Is it early in the morning or after dinner but before bed. Find your energy sweet spot and make yourself be disciplined about committing to it.

2. Money cannot be the main reason

If making money is the sole motivator for this then I’ve got bad news for you. This will not work. You have to be passionate about this business. It has to consume you because that will give you the drive.

3. Outsource when you can

Are there certain tasks that yes you know you can do but would be faster if you let someone else do them? Even if it means spending a little money it will give you back the gift of time so it is worth it. This is why they invented Task Rabbit.

4. Answer Your Emails Immediately

Don’t read an email but decide to respond later. Just do it when you open it and then you can cross it off your list.

5. Use your downtime wisely

You know there are periods of the day where you fall into a Twitter or Instagram coma. Use that for something more productive. Whether it just writing emails or doing some research, use this time wisely. Bored on your commute! Use it! Lunch time can also be the right time.

6. Make your coffee dates think tanks

Do you also have a friend with a side business or maybe who just has a great entrepreneurial spirit? Meet with them and brainstorm. You will walk away with some great ideas or at least an energy buzz.

7. Cook your meals for the week on Sunday

Not having to prep a meal every night will save you tons of time!