7 Traits Every Successful Entrepreneur Needs


It is looking really good for female entrepreneurs. According to the 2017 Bank of America Women Business Owner Spotlight study, women entrepreneurs have a very optimistic outlook for the next 20 years with high expectations  for improvement in areas including business ownership, leadership and equal pay for women. So how do you know when you ready to take your side hustle to the next level and launch it as a fully fledged business? Here are some characteristics you need.

1.You really, really want it

Starting your own business is all you have ever wanted. You have been thinking about it for years if not your whole life and you know if you don’t go for it you will truly regret it. Even if it fails, you are still willing to take that risk.

2. You are self productive

In a storm of chaos, you are able to get everything done and done well. You can multi-task, juggle and everything in between. Wearing different hats is your specialty.

3. You are willing to take risks

Real entrepreneurs are willing to take tremendous risks. It is an inherent part of being a good entrepreneur.

4. You want to work with others and succeed with others

Entrepreneurs want to work on a team. They know they are only successful as the people they work with and as many successful company founders have said, always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Strong people skills are a must.

5. You support other entrepreneurs

You don’t see someone else succeeding and feel envy but rather excitement. You are enthusiastic to have other players in the game who are pushing you to a higher level. Being competitive is a necessity for entrepreneurs.

6. You are super passionate

You love the work you are doing above else. You don’t mind pulling all nighters and working on the weekends because you are so passionate about your company.

7. You need to have a clear sense of direction

Though being focused on short-term profits and day to day operations, you need to be thinking long-term and big picture ideas.