Here Are 8 New Health and Wellness Trends You Must Try This Year


It is a brand new year which means there are a slew of healthy trends that people will be trying out, becoming obsessed with, blogging about, taking pictures of and making you try things in your coffee you never imagined. We put together a list of the most interesting-sounding ones that seem to have the best results. Here are 8 new health and wellness trends you should try out in 2018.

Turmeric, in your coffee

It used to be all about butter in your coffee but now is the time of turmeric. Adding turmeric will not only turn your coffee golden but Curcumin, which is the main compound found in turmeric, has antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Say goodbye to that winter cold!


Customizing Your Vitamin Routine

Remembering to take your vitamins everyday can be a pain but maybe not if you knew the vitamins were customized for you? Cue Care/of, a service that helps you do just that. After filling out a simple questionnaire about your lifestyle and health goals you then are given a list of recommended vitamins, supplements, minerals, herbs, and/or probiotics. After you have ordered them they come once a month in a cute little box with 30 packs each containing your daily dosages.

Vitamin Drips

This one sounds like a little much but the results are hard to argue against plus it has some pretty cool celebrity fans like Rita Ora and Madonna. These IV drips, which do mean being poked with a needle of course, help with rehydration, boosting your immunse sytem, improving energy levels, speeing up post-marathon recovery and helping with hangovers. Though you will feel great after one of these many doctors argue that this is just a quick fix and has no long-lasting impact on your health.

Booze free parties

Many people try to go dry the entire month of January so why not try a non-booze party? Instead go for hydrating water or go really crazy and have some matcha!

Activated charcoal

That’s right. Charcoal is still going strong in 2018. Made from coconut, peat, coal or wood that’s been heated with a gas, it makes for a great drink especially when you add some lemon juice, water and sweetener. The color isn’t always so appetizing but it does help with detoxing, hangovers and boosting your metabolism.

Dry Brushing

We devote a lot of time to brushing our hair but what about our skin? Using a soft-bristled brush it helps make your skin look fresh and smooth. Plus it also is supposed to help get rid of skin toxins.


Though it was considered a diet only for really hardcore people, the Whole 30 has now become a widespread super popular diet (and a common one to do right after the holidays.) It can be a tough one for many people as you often have to change your entire cooking style as it requires the elimination of sugar, grains, dairy and legumes for a full 30 days, according to its website.


Though it sounds a little out there, get ready to see collagen everywhere this year. Usually it comes in the form of protein powder but also look for it in creamer and matcha and bone broth (its most natural form.) So why is everyone such a fan? It has amazing gut-healing powers and it can help with everything from skin issues to anxiety.

Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash