10 Places You Should Definitely Travel To in 2018


Most of you probably had a nice break over the holidays but now that vacation seems so long ago which means you are all about planning your next epic adventure. TripAdvisor put together a list of destinations on the rise full of fantastic places you may have not even heard of and we found some of our own we’d love you to consider! Some are quite exotic and may be surprisingly close to you but full of treasures. Wherever they are though, they will provide amazing experiences (and a lot to fill your Instagram feed.) And be sure to check out our tips for how to have a First Class experience in Business Class!

1.Tiny Ishigaki

This subtropical island is east of Taiwan and is home to delicious tender Ishigaki beef. Kobe beef is so 2017. And the beaches here are to die for!

2. Kapaa, Hawaii

It is pretty hard to go anywhere bad in Hawaii but this island may take the cake. It is located at the base of Nounou (known as the Sleeping Giant) Mountain on Kauai. It is a super great location for tourists with its many hotels, shops and restaurants.

3. Tasmania, Australia 

Sick of the winter already? Totally understandable. Well it is across the world but it is summer right now in Australia! Tasmania is also perfect for you outdoorsy types with its beaches and rainforests.

4. Los Cabos, Mexico

But if Australia is a bit too far for you Mexico is always an amazing vacation spot. A great place is San José del Cabo as it is super laid back and also beautiful. Or you could hit up the Hacienda Encantada, a beachfront and cliff top hacienda-style resort, located along Millionaire’s Row in Los Cabos which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with new luxury residences.

5. Antigua

Doesn’t it just sound romantic? Located in the Caribbean this island has beautiful resorts like  St. James Club and The Verandah Resort. Plus flights right now are not super expensive. 


6. Whistler, British Columbia

If you are a ski bunny or just enjoy apres ski then this could be the place for you. Think snowboarding, snow mobiles, hikes, spas, ice skating ziplining, gondola rides, etc., And be sure to check out the new resort property up there by Delta Hotels by Marriott.

7. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is beautiful in both the summer and the fall. And if you love looking at old mansions (the Vanderbilts were regulars here) and bingeing on delicious seafood then this is the place for you.

8. Cyprus

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, this is definitely going to be a trending spot in 2018. For a small island it is absolutely packed with culture. You can check out Paphos, which includes the ruins of palaces and tombs and there is always Petra tou Romiou, the birthplace of Aphrodite.

9. Crete, Greece

Speaking of birthplaces, why not check out Crete? Birthplace of Zeus and home to some absolutely incredible beaches. Stop by the island of Elafonisi with its pink sand beaches while you are there.

10. Negril, Jamaica

And who doesn’t love Jamaica? You can snorkel and play on the beaches until your heart is content.

Photos: Unsplash.com