7 Work Trends You Should Expect To See in 2018


It is a brand new year which means the workplace is going to be different than it was even a month ago. As technology improves and companies become more in tune with the needs of their employees the workplace is evolving and you need to be ready for it. From setting taking your side hustle to the next level to how job interviews will work we collected insight from experts to prepare you for the office will look in 2018.

It’s all about remote work 

There’s been a 115% increase in telecommuting over the last 10 years, and 43% of the U.S. workforce currently work remotely to some degree. This trend is only going to continue. According to FlexJobs, 95% of remote jobs have a location requirement and up to 10% of those location-specific positions can be done from anywhere in the U.S., while the remaining 5% can be performed from anywhere in the world. “A surprising number of remote jobs across career levels and industries can be performed without any location requirements, which is amazing for professionals interested in having a more portable job. But they need to keep in mind that being a successful remote worker requires certain skills,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs.

More seniors will be working remotely

Working remotely isn’t just for millennials.  Seniors working at higher numbers than we’ve seen in the last 55 years,

This is Where the Most Remote Opportunities Will Be

Reynolds also expects that medical and computer-related industries will see a good number of remote and flexible job postings, which mirrors the overall job market.

Interviews are going to be more intense, so get ready.

Just because offices are more casual these days, it doesn’t mean interviews will be less intense. In fact, they will actually be even harder.Susan Scott, founder and CEO of training company Fierce Conversations. expects 2018 to bring a stronger focus across organizations to improve the experience of the recruiting and hiring process for both organizations and candidates by asking the right questions, understanding that the hiring process is a two-way relationship, and veering away from more traditional interview styles.

Performance Reviews Will Be More Frequent

According to Scott, confrontation and frequent feedback are becoming not only more accepted but also essential in organizations. This increase in frequency of feedback is due largely in part to the presence of millennials in the workplace.

This is the Time To Have a Side Hustle

“We’ve seen a big interest from professionals interested in finding jobs they can do on the side, from home. Whether they’re already working a more traditional part-time or full-time job, people are very interested in finding a professional-level side job they can do remotely. More people than ever before are taking on freelance work, either part-time in addition to their regular jobs, or full-time as their sole source of income.”

These Are the Skills You Need in 2018

  • Digital Communication skills: verbal and written
  • Time-management, task management, focus
  • Proactive questions, not afraid to speak up
  • Comfort with technology, troubleshooting
  • Growth mindset (embracing change and learning)
  • Familiarity with remote communication tools like video conferencing, file sharing, and virtual office environments

Employee Training Will Change

As companies continue to foster individualized working styles that play to unique strengths, the way employees are trained will evolve. Scott predicts that in 2018, organizations will increase their use of various tools to deliver training that will include both instructors and the latest technology.