How To Build the Perfect Spec Sheet


OK so you’ve got your product. It is going to change the world. But how do you take it from a concept to a real, solid sellable thing? Well, it all starts with a spec sheet. What is a spec sheet you ask? It is a document that summarizes what the product does as well as the other technical characteristics of this product. The spec sheet is used as a tool of communication. Think of it as a blueprint.

So why do you need a spec sheet? It may seem like a bit of a pain but it is so helpful for your process. It will help you become organized and also understand your product and the decisions that are involved with it on a deeper level. Here are a few tips to help you write the perfect spec sheet.

1. Keep it short and efficient

You are using this as a way to communicate with potential stakeholders and investors so you want to make it as clear and concise as possible. Definitely keep your summary on the shorter side.

2. Be clear about the problem you are fixing

What is the problem your product will fix? And be sure to give some context on this issue your product is solving for.

3. State your deliverables

What goals will your product accomplish and what are your exact deliverables and what is the timeline for them?

4. What you need to build this product

What materials will building this product require? Will coding be involved? Will you need to hire engineers? All of this needs to be explicitly stated.  You can also go into some of the things that would be nice to have for the product eventually but aren’t essentials but definitely start with the nuts and bolts (which may even be actual nuts and bolts.)

5. Define the Users?

Will who will be the people using this product? Define the primary groups of people who would benefit from a product like yours. You don’t have to go into immense detail but try outlining three types of groups that would use your product often. Consider age, gender, location, etc.,

6. Use images

Assets such as flow diagrams, sitemaps and wireframes can be immensely helpful when building a spec sheet. Even a hand drawn sketch can be quite useful. You really want to show the design of your product.

7. Get feedback

Organize a focus group or just ask your team if you are working on to identify what works and what doesn’t work.