Essentials For Layering in the Winter


Quality Tees Make All The Difference

Your first layer should be relatively cool. Think tees and tanks. But, this doesn’t mean we need to throw on any old, wrinkled t-shirt. The key to dressing in layers is being confident in taking off some of those layers if needed. So, it’s important to invest in a nice, fitted tee that you can wear any time and will last for a long time. J. Crew’s t-shirts fit so nicely and come in a ton of colors!

Sweaters Are Your BFF

Finding the perfect sweater can be difficult. Turtleneck or no turtleneck? Embellished or solid? Knit or wool? Fitted or chunky? Whatever you choose, you’re definitely going to want a sweater no matter what. Nothing feels better in the winter than slipping on a cozy sweater – and being able to rip it off when you start sweating! I love Rebecca Minkoff’s Cecilia Sweater; it’s warm, but breathable and super chic.

How Thick Should Your Socks Be?

It’s easy to throw on a pair of chunky socks and call it a day. But, there’s a better way to keep your toes warm! First, adding an initial layer of tights will make a huge difference. Wolford’s Fatal 15 Tights are my fave. Then, a wool sock, like these from UGG, will trap in all the heat you need!