Designing A Space To Boost Your Mental Health

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The design of your workspace can make or break your workday. Studies have shown that the different elements of a room can actually contribute to your mental health. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to make your room work to your advantage!


One of the most important aspects of your mentally invigorating room is lighting. A study at the University of Toronto found that intense lighting boosts emotions and affects decision-making. So, dim the lights and enjoy a more focused workday! Bonus tip: Natural light is really good for you so, try to avoid artificial lighting and opt for more windows that allow for a lot of sunlight.

Choose your colors according to what you need in your workspace. If you’re someone who needs to be motivated and is an energy addict, go for red and orange tones. These will stimulate your brain all day long. But, if you’re looking for a stress-free, calming space, choose cool tones like green and lavender. Green is recommended as the perfect workspace color by color consultants because of its ability to promote focus.


Including lots of foliage in your space add more of the color green, and it will boost energy and provide an overall positive vibe. Wall art can also have a strong impact on your mental health throughout the day. Choose images that are going to make you feel happy or stimulated. Photos of loved ones, happy times and aspirations are great to surround yourself with.

Room Size

Feeling like you’re trapped in your office is never a good way to get work done. Luckily, even the smallest places can be made to look larger with a few tricks. The most effective trick is using mirrors. They will instantly open your space up. Also, don’t disregard your wall space. Using walls for storage (i.e. bookshelves and wall lighting) will allow for more space on the floor. Speaking of storage, the more hidden storage spaces you can incorporate, the better!